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Sonic Firestorm is Dragonforce's second album, which was released through Noise Records on May 11, 2004.

Sonic Firestorm features Dragonforce's longest recorded song, "Soldiers of the Wasteland" at 9:46. This song also includes the longest guitar solo on any of their songs.

The album is to be rereleased on February 22, 2010, along with the remastered and remixed version of "Valley of the Damned" It will also come with the bonus track "Cry of the Brave" which was originally on the Japanese version of the album.


The recording and mixing for the band's 2nd album took place at Surrey's Thin Ice Studios, from October 6th to December 10th, 2003. All the guitars were recorded at Herman Li's LamerLuser Studios in London.

Critical AcclaimEdit

Sonic Firestorm was stated as the 2nd best "Battle Metal" album of the last 20 years by British metal magazine Metal Hammer in its 20th anniversary article.

Track ListingsEdit

Note: all songs arranged by Sam Totman, Herman Li, Vadim Pruzhanov, ZP Theart, and Adrian Lambert.



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  • Produced by Karl Groom and DragonForce
  • Recorded and mixed at Thin Ice Studios by Karl Groom.
  • All guitars recorded at Herman Li's LamerLuser Studios, London, United Kingdom
  • Engineered by Karl Groom.
  • All vocals recorded by Richard West.
  • Mastered by Eberhard Köhler at Powerplay Mastering.

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